Here you will learn to provide your body with the right nutritients as well as staying educated together in health and fitness. 

A little introduction to me..


I've always identified myself as someone who is incredibly optimistic and ambitious. Once I found my passion for health and fitness, I wanted to create something that gives guidance for healthier decisions.

Clean Creations 

Everyone has a sweet tooth right? I have the biggest of them all and personally, I love it when I can make a healther version of a crowd favourite. 

Learn How To Fuel Correctly

Not only will I share delicious treats, I also want to educate you how to fuel your body correctly as well as keeping you educated on maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Different Styles of Training

Maintaining a fit lifestyle, compliments a healthy lifestyle by keeping sanity and lowering cortisol levels (stress) and releasing edorphins (feel good hormone). I'll show different types of training that I personally like doing that targets my variety of needs as well as other ideas that can also help your needs!


New Zealand.

Contact: shanlockieblog@gmail.com

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