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I didn't find my passion until I began studying it! Originally I wanted to become a nurse because I wanted to help people. I grew up with a nurturing trait and so I thought that the only occupation where I could help people was by being a nurse. Long story short, I studied it for 6 months and decided it wasn't for me. I am nothing but grateful because within that study period, I became more focused on my health and nutrition and realised that, that wasn't the pathway for me.

I studied 2 years for Exercise and Human Performance and earned my level 6 qualification. I wanted to expand my knowledge on what I love, nutrition and the human body. I have experience on the gym floor as well as running aerobic classes which were a lot of fun!


I enjoy nothing more than creating nutritious meals and growing my knowledge on different foods and what they do for me. I also continue to provide myself with different training methods that make training a fun period in my day. 

As of today, I continue to learn more about our amazing bodies and the best ways for us to reach maximum performance through foods and a variety of training methods.


New Zealand.


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