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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Here is where I will collate the recipes that turn out to be a success! Like I mentioned, I love being creative and making a healthier and nutrition dense alternative to our favourite sweet treats! The recipes I create are based around what I believe it to be a good source of fuel for the body when training. These are low GI recipes where ingredients involved will help slow the absorption for longer lasting energy without a sugar crash that we would normally receive from higher GI foods that have higher glucose levels. With switching out quick carbs that are normally involved in our favourite treats with a better alternative, this will help with our bodies insulin response to glucose as well as help provide a better cycle of training and recovery.

I hope you try these out and enjoy them as much as I do!

Coconut Chocolate Cookies

Try out these gluten free, refined sugar free, and dairy free cookies that are incredibly chewy and will easily hit that sweet spot! You can also make these vegan by replacing the egg with a flaxseed egg or aquafaba (chickpea water).

These cookies serve 24 (1 cookie) with each serving being 67cal.

4.5g Total Fat

5.3g Total Carbohydrate

1.3g Protein

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Paleo Bread

This tasty bread is not only super fibrous but is also gluten free and dairy free. This is my kind of bread to serve with a delicious vegetable soup. It's so nice and thick and leaves a nice feel of satiation after a serve. With it being a low GI food, this will keep us nice and full for a longer period without having a glucose crash that the standard white bread would.

This bread serves 4-6 (2 slices) with each servings being 225cal.

3.4g Total Fat

36.7g Total Carbohydrate

8.9g Protein

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Banana Walnut Muffins

These are my favourite banana muffins. I love the texture of the walnuts and the combination of banana and dark chocolate hits the sweet spot! These are also dairy and gluten free so there should be no upset tummies when eating these (in moderation of course).

This recipe serves up 6 (1 muffin) with one serving being 221cal.

11.6g Total Fat

22.5g Total Carbohydrate

6.5g Protein

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Peanut Butter Energy Balls

If you're after a simple, tasty snack that tastes naughty but is actually filled with amazing fats to keep you fuller for longer, then try making these energy balls using Pic's Smooth Peanut Butter!

Peanut Butter Energy Balls

This recipe can easily make up to 20-30 balls but of course, this depends on how big you make them! I stuck to a teaspoon size servings for each ball. A serving of 2 balls will equal 239cal.

20.5g Total Fat

9.7g Total Carbohydrate

7.7g Protein

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Protein Pancakes

I love to enjoy some tasty pancakes on a Sunday morning, so making a healthier version of that will create a great kick start of energy to my day. These are full of protein which this macronutrient will help slow the absorption making us feel fuller for longer without a sugar crash!

This recipe serves up for 2 with each serving being 377cal.

17.5g Total Fat

38.2g Total Carbohydrate

24.7g Protein

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Peanut Butter Nut Bars

I love to snack on a good protein bar or just something on the go that helps me feel satiated. These nut bars are filled with good fats from nuts and seeds by using Macro Organic Trail Mix as well as Pic's Peanut Butter. With Fat being a slow absorbing Macronutrient, these are good to provide longer lasting energy that can benefit on a long endurance run or even if you're needing a pick me up from a tasty snack. These are a healthy way to go!

These will easily serve up to 12 (1 bar) this also depends on how big or small you cut your pieces, with each bar having 121cal.

8.9g Total Fat

6g Total Carbohydrate

3.7g Protein

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Logan Berry Slice

I would say that this slice was my favourite thing to make in the summer with using fresh Logan berries from our garden. This slice is full of antioxidants with the Logan berries, buckwheat kernels and the healthy fats from the nuts involved. Try this refreshing slice and let me know what you think!

You can easily cut this slice up to 12 servings (1 slice) with each serving being 113cal.

9g Total Fat

6.9g Total Carbohydrate

2.7g Protein

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Buckwheat Chicken Pasta

I made this recipe up in lock down. Gave myself a good old mystery box challenge and it ended up quite good! This meal will help give you some wholefood goodness from the butternut pumpkin and kumara sauce and it will keep that tummy full from the high protein value in the Buckwheat pasta. Give it go and let me know!

This meal can happily serve 4 with 347cal per serve.

8.5g Total Fat

47.5g Total Carbohydrate

15g Protein

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Rich Chocolate Brownie

I’ve been craving a dark, rich and fruity brownie so I thought I’d try to make a cleaner version! This is a gluten and dairy brownie without any refined sugars and some zingy berries for taste and topping! Give it try and help those late night cravings.

Slice this baby up into 12 and you will get 156cal per slice! This is a good, hefty slice too.

7g Total Fat

21g Total Carbohydrates

2g Protein

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