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Workouts for Phases

Here, I have given basic examples of a type of workout that would suit best for you, during your menstrual cycle. If you're finding it hard to get more out of your sessions, try giving these ideas a go. Put your own taste on these ideas and smash out a good week of training!

If you haven't already, have a read of my "Fitness for Females" blog post, this will provide more information as to why I'm providing these suggestions for you!

These suggestions come from experience as a personal trainer as well as my own personal experience. If you would like more help or have an idea that you would like more information around, please feel free to send through an email and I will happily do my best to assist you. I hope you enjoy it!

Phase 1 is our menstruation week. A lot of us may find it difficult to get up and move to begin with, but once we get started those feel good endorphins release, and it helps us feel a whole lot better. If you're finding it hard to start, remember that end result feeling!

Phase 2 is our Follicular week where we will have naturally higher levels of Testosterone. This is the week to smash those PB's and be a badass chick that lifts a lot of tin OR you may be up to strive for a faster kp/h on your 5k run! Whatever fitness goal you have, this could be the week to achieve it!

Phase 3 is our Ovulation week. We may be feeling pretty bloated from the water retention we gain during this week but just like phase 1, it's hard to start but once you get moving, you'll feel great! Take this week a little easy, get the heart rate up and break a sweat but also take it easy at the same time. Listen to your body and what it is up for so you can have a more achievable workout session.

Phase 4 is our Luteal week! This is the week that will be tough to get moving so just a leisurely week of movement might work best for you. Some chilled pilate flows, a nice stretch session or foam roll. Just take it easy this week, our Estrogen and Progesterone levels have had a drastic drop so take it easy and do what your body feels best at.

Let me know if this helped! I'd love to take any suggestions and if you would like a personalised programme, feel free to email shanlockieblog@gmail.com and we can discuss further details!

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